Taurus Cardio:

Sturdy training equipment
for more stamina and fitness


Taurus cardio

Effective training
for each fitness level.

Stamina training is ideal to stimulate fat burning and to strengthen your cardiovascular system. An improved stamina helps to gain in performance in everyday life and working life.

Exercise comfortably at home with equipment of the Taurus Cardio line. You are independent of weather and opening hours of gyms. The Taurus Cardio range includes ergometers and crosstrainers as well as rowing machines or treadmills. No matter which fitness type you are - you find the appropriate fitness equipment with us.

Equipment of Taurus Cardio is developed in close accord with sportsmen. Thereby, we can guarantee an excellent quality of training: user-friendly computer, varied programs, and a sturdy workmanship which even meet requirements of ambitious athletes.

Thanks to heart rate controlled programs, your workout with fitness equipment of Taurus is very effective. The training intensity of our machines is automatically adapted to your pulse rate. You always exercise in the optimal heart rate zone and achieve quicker your training aims !