Taurus Bodyweight training
chin-up bar

The Taurus chin-up bar can be easily put in the door frame and offers the possibility to exercise an effective strength training at home. Using the Taurus chin-up bar, you can accomplish many easy fitness exercises for the whole torso. Once the Taurus chin-up bar is put in, you exercise chin-ups for back and arm muscles. Furthermore, you can exercise your arms and abdominal muscles with the Taurus chin-up bar.

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  • Features:
    • Chin-up bar for putting on a door frame
    • Versatile exercise possibilities:
      • chin-up bar in door frame: knee lifting, chin-ups
      • chin-up bar on the floor: push-ups, dips, sit-ups
    • Suitable for door frames with a width between 81 and 96 cm
    • Maximum load capacity of the door bar: approximately 100
    • Maximum depth of the door frame: approximately 15 cm
    • The Taurus chin-up bar with different grip widths:
      • narrow chin-up grip: 15 cm space
      • parallel grip: 45 cm space
      • wide parallel grip: 75 cm space
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Taurus chin-up bar