Taurus Gym strength equipment
Abductor and Adductor IT95

The IT95 Series of Taurus is especially designed for fitness gyms and is provides 22 extremely high-quality and sturdy training machines with weight blocks of different weight as training resistance. The IT95 products are very user-friendly to use and offer easy adjusting possibilties. The seat and back upholsteries are sweat resistant and extremely comfortable.

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  • Features:
    • Professional adductors and abductors machine for gyms and fitness institutions!
    • Including a 90 kg weight block
    • Resistance can be adjusted with a pin
    • Sweat resistant and comfortable upholsteries
    • Isolated abductors and adductors training
    • Cup holder is given
  • Dimensions:
    • Max. user-weight: 150 kg
    • Dimensions set-up - Taurus Abductor and Adductor IT95: (L) 155 cm x (W) 90 cm x (H) 151 cm
  • Weight stack 90kg
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Taurus Abductor and Adductor IT95